WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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The U-DCT, or Ultimate Dual Coil Tank, is the newest version from SmokTech. These use the same replacement cartomizers as the previous version.

This is the Small U-DCT which holds a total of 3.5mL of liquid (with full cartomizer). It is ideal for eGo-sized batteries. We suggest the Large U-DCT for mods such as the Silver Bullet, Omega, JoyeTech eVic, etc.

What's new?

Top and bottoms caps are solid metal and available in chrome.
The UDCT features a bottom lock ring which prevents the tank from sliding off of the cartomizer accidentally. The top and bottom caps are permanently attached to the tank and cannot be removed.
An optional thread cover base replaces the normal lock ring and covers the threads on your eGo style batteries for a more pleasing look.
The clear tank is poly carbonate material and may crack if used with strong "homebrew" liquids which contain a lot of cinnamon or citrus flavors. This is NOT covered by warranty. Colored tanks are polypropylene material.
The tank surrounds the cartomizer with your e-liquid. The small laser hole in the side of these special cartomizers allows a small amount of liquid to enter the cartomizer and keep it continually full without overfilling it.
While these are more durable than the previous version, we still don't recommend pocket carrying to avoid any side to side stress on the connections.
The drip tip included is as pictured but could change without notice depending on what we are sent by Smoktech.

Including parts for one Smoktech 510 UDCT;
510 UDCT-1 (510 DCT tube): 1pc
510 UDCT-2(510 DCT cartomizers): 1pc
Drip tip: 1pc
Lock Ring: 1pc